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My Rustic Pig

15 Nov

A few months ago I was given the opportunity to go into ‘partnership’ in rearing a pig. This would be exciting I thought, as most chefs dream of being farmers one day!(unless that is just me?). The pig was a weaner  , and looked after on a free range farm, where it was lovely taken care of by some fab people at – All Seasons Rare Breed Pigs. It had some happy months ahead of it and would need to grow up to 65Kgs before its final day would come. Anyway the pig eventually grew to 79Kgs and was taken off to a friendly Butcher to be portioned(detail not required!). Once the ‘Cutting list’ was agreed I got this huge box of various cuts /joint of pork dropped off (thanks Roy!)

One of the dishes that popped into my head was a belly pork dish id done in the past

Rubbed Belly pork

belly getting ready

I marinated the pork belly with bay leaf , garlic & fennel seeds – chopping them all fine , then adding 2 tbsp of tomato paste , sugar & seasoning. I rubbed this into the belly and popped it in to the fridge for a few hours.

I slow roasted it for 4 hours until the belly was soft & the skin was crispy.

belly with slaw & Mizuna  I finished the pork with some fresh Mizuna from the salad I had left under my cold frame , and made up a crunchy apple slaw to go with it.

all the left over pork I ‘forked’ down and we had the next day in a pulled meat bun Hmm..


Something about Pork!

21 Mar

I love pork whether it’s  roasted loin with crackling, Pan-fried fillet(tenderloin) , all those great cuts used for braised Ham hock, Pancetta ,pigs trotter.But  my favourite has top be Belly Pork! Theres something about Pork and the huge amount of great dishes that can be had from Mr Pig!!  

He’s a dish I did this week – its using Pork loin – battered down thin to make an Escallop – I’ve done this dish previously with  a Veal Escallop also.

First things first  – cut the loin into 1/2 inch slices, remove all fat. Now place the loin (2 per portion) between 2 sheets of cling film on a kitchen top or bench. Now using a mallet ( or rolling-pin will do) hit the pork until it is wafer this – be careful you don’t over do it! we want to keep it whole and not broken up.

Now make the marinade in a bowl –  add paprika , garlic(crushed) ,black pepper , lemon zest and a little juice – chopped thyme and salt. Place the pork in it, leave the Pork to marinade as long as you can (1 hr if possible). The pork can now be cooked in a hot pan with a little olive oil – The pork escallop only needs 1-2 mins max on each side. Ok pork done – brill! Next /boil some new potatoes (smaller the better) . In a frying / saute pan place some chopped garlic & chopped spring onion.  Fry the onion and garlic with a little olive oil & butter.      

   Once the Potatoes are cooked , place them in the pan with garlic & onion, season with salt & pepper. ensure nicely coated in the butter also.

Make up the salad in a large bowl – I use a mix of Soft herbs , rocket , Santini tomatoes and frizzy endive lettuce – with a little lollo rosso for good measure! Dress the salad in the bowl with balsamic & olive oil dressing .Now place the potatoes around the salad. Then place the pork on top.

Give this dish a go – if pork isn’t your thing try it with Chicken breast battered down in the same way , it is a great “bring on the summer” dish >:)

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