Chocolate Salted Caramel Pie with Strawberries

28 Sep

Like your recipe – salted caramel & chocolate are great combinations , salted peanut caramel with caramelised peanuts would have worked really well – then you can drop some peanut into the pastry too!

Edibles and Travels

I love Edibles and Travels, and I love all of you, my readers (in a non-creepy ‘we’ve-never-even-met-how-can-I-love-you’ kind of way).

I wish I could update E&T and post more often, but alas, a busy life of multiple jobs and Uni gets in the way.  None-the-less, I suppose it makes getting into the kitchen and baking that much more enjoyable when I don’t have time to do it so often.

Yesterday I had the day off work in the afternoon, so I had a little Ally-time. I went to the gym and then came home and proceeded to undo all the hard work I put in, as you do. I did a little bit of magazine reading, had a bath and just generally took the time out to do the things I enjoy.

Life is so busy and if we could, we’d constantly be doing work because there is always something…

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