My Chocolate souffle

8 May

I’ve been fairly busy recently so I havent had the chance to stick this dish up as promised – Chocolate souffle with Ginger snap and chocolate sauce.

I’ve been out helping needy chefs!!

So the Kids easter eggs are melted down now ! they don’t really eat that much anyway – they just sit there in the cupboard until we throw them in May sometime, so why not turn them into something a little different ( I did cheat a little and use some of  Willies 100% cacao bar – just to give the richness I needed) I’m a great fan of willies wonky chocolate 🙂

Ok make the biscuits – ginger snaps he we go!

Mix the flour, brown sugar , egg white & Honey together adding a teaspoon of ginger  – this should be blended to a paste. Place a spoon of the mix on a flat tray that has been very lightly greased with oil – Alternatively use baking mats. Bake in the oven at 185 degree celsius for 15 mins until golden and centre of the biscuits is coloured.

Winner ! – Now for the chocolate base for the souffle – melt the chocolate down in a bowl over a pan of hot water, take 1/2 the chocolate out and mix with 100g of willies cacao bar (grated) this is to give richness & a dark colour to the souffle. Bring some milk to the boil and add the chocolate to it. now whisk 1 egg yolk and a little flour together and some caster sugar. Pour the chocolate milk over the egg mix – whisk well ! no lumps please.

Now whisk up the egg white ( use a blender its easier – unless you have muscles)- full peak ,adding a little icing sugar to give the glossy italian meringue feel.

Line a ramekin with butter and a dusting of sugar – set aside. Fold the whipped egg white and a spoon full of the chocolate mix together , gently spoon the mix into the ramekin. Bake the souffle in a hot oven 200 degrees celsius for 10 mins until the top is crusty (don’t open the oven door – once the souffle is in) 

Serve as I have with the biscuit , choc sauce (whisk remaining chocolate with a little warm milk ) and the fabulous souffle.

I’ve bagged out a few variations to this souffle in the past – 1 with pecan & even 1 with Christmas pudding & chocolate. My kids do love this version the best – especially when I make some white chocolate sauce and they crack open the top of the souffle and pour in the white creamy chocolate sauce.Yum!

I’ll get a recipe added As soon as – let me know what you think!


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