Who loves yorkshire pudds?

29 Mar

I love cooking sunday lunch, It a once a week event where everyone gets to eats “properly” and everyone has some nice veggies and a Yorkshire pudd.

I like to have a variety of meats sometime we’ll have Roast beef, occasionally (very) Lamb , Mostly Roast chicken. But I’m bored with the normal roast bird in the oven thing, so I had some herbs left over from the night before (turned out to be a bit of a long night), 3 course  meal with friends, clock went forward suddenly it’s 3am? ! ! where did the night go. Anyway back to Sunday lunch – first you got to make some yorkshire puddings ( Lucy steps in to make) she’s been well trained and is wanting to help her Dad.

I look after the chicken – make a mix of chopped fresh marjoram, chopped rosemary , a little garlic and some olive oil.

The chicken (breasts only) I drop into a tray , add the mix (smear over actually!). I like to roast the potatoes in the same tray also – so that’s what I’ve done.

What else shall we have?  Some roast (with honey) butternut? yeh, some buttered mangtout (beans) & some mash.

Lucy’s finished making the Yorkies and they are (as expected) very good >:)

putting this “meal” together is easy and looks great with the sliced chicken , veg and huge Yorkies.

I’ll try to pop a recipe in My pages section. I know that everyone (should/can) make Yorkies , but give mine a go , you’ll be cunningly surprised!


3 Responses to “Who loves yorkshire pudds?”

  1. Neema Shaw April 5, 2010 at 12:16 am #

    ive just discovered yorkeshire puddidng ok well im an aussie things take time … im adicted to them … also a mum of 4 so cooking big meals with vegg is almost a daily grind . lucky for them i love cooking lol enjoying your blog very much cheers mate . xxx

  2. rebekah April 3, 2010 at 9:46 pm #

    that looks like an amazing meal. love your blog! it’s definitely getting bookmarked!

    • David April 3, 2010 at 9:59 pm #

      Cheers – likewise il get yours on my roll! keep those recipes going – true british

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